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Corrective Actions Module

Corrective Actions are recorded within the SBC System that relate to:

  • Audits;
  • Non-Conformances;
  • Observations / Inspections;
  • Incidents;
  • Investigations; and
  • Other OH&S Activity Types within the SBC Systems.

The SBC Systems allow for the ability to record Corrective Actions against all Control Types. Each Corrective Action records the Action's details, Due Dates, Checklists and any other details required for the Corrective Action to be implemented. The Effectiveness and Review Points for each Corrective Action can also be stored within the SBC System.

The Corrective Actions Module can also be configured to enable Automated Reminders and Escalations when Corrective Actions have not been completed or tasked as required.

The SBC System offers a comprehensive management tool for the electronic management of Corrective Actions.

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