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Risk Management System

The SBC Risk Management System provides an Australian Standard 31000 Compliant Software Solution that provides an efficient and effective method for managing all aspects of Risk Management within an organisation.

The key elements of Risk Management that the SBC Risk Management System manages are:

  • All elements of the Risk Management framework;
  • Ability to capture and store information on the Primary and Secondary Risk Registers;
  • Risk profiling;
  • Ability to associated risks with causes, contributing factors and consequences;
  • Incorporated risk scoring, including configurations for inherent, residual and target risk scoring;
  • The ability to monitor risk and adjust risk profiles based on changes in risk scoring, environment factors and historical data such as that gathered from an Audit System; and
  • The SBC Risk Management System can be integrated with other SBC Software Solutions such as the SBC Incident Module and the SBC Audit Module.
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