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The SBC Audit and Risk Management System has a dedicated Audit module that allows for the recording, management and reporting of information related to the OH&S and Injury Management audits and assessments. The SBC Audit module allows for audits to be undertaken of an organisation's health and safety management system. The SBC system is electronic Audit Management tool that allows for audits to be conducted electronically and their associated actions, follow-ups and non-conformances to be tracked by the System. The SBC Audit Module is available on a tablet as well as standard PC.

The SBC Audit Module allows for:

  • Identification of internal and external auditors and their associated experience;
  • The ability to define standard audits and audit activities and criteria;
  • The ability to define re-occurring audits with automated bring ups and reminders;
  • The ability to define special audits including objectives responsibilities and tasks;
  • The ability to formulate detailed audit plans and pre-requisite documents to conduct the audit against;
  • The recording of audit results including non-conformances, observations and inspections; and
  • Determining and tracking any Corrective Actions to address non-conformances.
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