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Incident and Hazard Reporting

The SBC Incident Entry Form provides users with a fast and simple method to record the initial notification of an incident, near miss or hazard. The main sections include;

  • Reported By
  • Person Involved
  • Responsible Work Area/ Cost Centre
  • Incident Type
  • Report to be Sent To / Escalation
  • Description of Incident
  • Date/ Time Occurred
  • Date/ Time Reported
  • Location of Incident
  • Notification to Authorities

Users are only navigated to the sections relevant as they complete the incident form. This allows for forms to be short and intuitive depending on the selections made such as incident type and injury type. Users can enter an incident, near miss of hazard into the SBC incident form in less than 3 minutes, streamlining the incident form process.

The most common incident type classifications include;

  • Injury (Employee)
  • Injury (Public Liability)
  • Hazard
  • Near Miss
  • Property Damage
  • Environment
  • Security
  • Motor Vehicle

Escalation of incident reports is a key function for compliance of the 24 hour reporting of serious incidents. The Incident report is typically configured to have immediate notification from entry of the incident to an immediate supervisor.

The SBC Incident Form operates in all web browsers and for mobile devices such as iPads.

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