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Government Licensing Systems

The SBC Licensing and Regulatory System ('LORIS') is a web browser based enterprise solution used for managing Government and Regulatory licences.

SBC LORIS can handles the unique requirements of over 100 different types of licences, including

  • Liquor Licensing
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • Transport
  • Credit Providers
  • Travel Agents
  • Fitness Industry
  • Cafes
  • Pawnbroker
  • Charities
  • Tobacco Licence
  • Security Industry
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Marine and Fishing
  • OH&S
  • Hazardous Goods
  • All types of Permits
  • and over 90 other types of government licences and permits

The key features of the SBC LORIS are:

Licence Processing Within SBC LORIS each licence or permit types will have a profile that will allow the unique criteria for the licence type to be processed. Users of SBC LORIS can easily alter licence and/or permit requirements where there is ongoing legislation, regulation or business practice change.

SBC LORIS can also generate electronically sealed licence certificates that can be printed and/or emailed to the Licensee.

Legislative Compliance SBC LORIS provides the user with the ability to link a licence to one or more legislative requirements which have to be met by the licence holder. SBC LORIS can then automatically track such requirements to ensure that either a licence is not granted until such conditions are met or the licence is revoked due to the licence holder's inability to meet the ongoing legislative requirements of the licence. In addition special licence conditions that are unique to the licence holder can also be applied to the licence.

Profiling SBC LORIS allows for the profiling of all individuals, partnerships and organisations who have one or more licence details. A full history of all licences held, including cancelled or lapsed licences is maintained for investigation and analysis purposes.

In addition SBC LORIS provides for address and suburb profiling that allows for in-depth data analysis of what licences exist for an individual or by suburb/postcode.

Licensees can also have restrictions, bans and other conditions applied to a Licence, with SBC LORIS tracking compliance with such conditions.

Renewals - Licence renewals can be simplified using SBC LORIS automated renewal processing option. This features ensures that the automated functions LORIS can automatically generate all documents, and email where appropriate, to licensees with the renewal information including fee payment details.

Document Management Documents within SBC LORIS are easy to generate and load using the document management features of this software. Document types within SBC LORIS can be configured so as to generate automatically based on pre-determined system criteria.

Workflow SBC LORIS includes a comprehensive workflow module that allows users to easily customise the rules associated with the processing, management and renewal of a licence.

Card Generation SBC LORIS can produce identity cards for individuals that have been granted a licence with photo.

Fee Processing SBC LORIS includes a full fee and cash receipting module. This module includes a complete general ledger, charts of accounts, GST processing, invoice and receipt generation and online payment options such as credit card, BPay and direct debit.

Investigations, Complaints and Prosecutions SBC LORIS can also records complaints against licensees including those made via the phone. A knowledgebase of information is built up regarding a licensee or trading premises.

SBC LORIS also includes a full investigation module which records inspections, evidence and outcome of an investigation. In addition should the outcome be a prosecution then details of the prosecution including breach, fine and enforcement activities (including suspension and revoking the licence) can also be recorded.

Online Services SBC LORIS includes a full online web portal that allows for the publishing and searching of public register licence details and the ability for the public to electronic lodge, renew and pay for their licences.

For further details of SBC's Government Licensing Systems please contact SBC at or at your local SBC office Contacts Page.

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