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Training Management System

The SBC Training Management System assists OH&S Departments in managing and storing information regarding Employee OH&S Training Requirements, Courses and Sessions.

All Employees can request for any Employees to be trained in a Requirement or Course, even themselves. Each request is sent to the OH&S Team who Approve or Reject the Request. Approved Requests are used to create Training Sessions for the requested Courses or Requirements.

Employees are presented with a Dashboard displaying the status of any submitted Requests and any upcoming Training Sessions. OH&S Department Users are presented with an Administrative Dashboard that displays Training Requests for approval, all upcoming Sessions and access to manage Sessions. Training Sessions can be viewed on a Calendar, illustrating any scheduling conflicts and assists in planning Sessions.

The SBC Training Management System also assists OH&S Departments in reporting and monitoring Employees who have completed a Training Course and displays Courses that require renewal. These records can be evaluated on a Site or Business Unit basis, determining which sections of the Business require new training or where training certifications are to expire.

The SBC Training System is Web Browser based and is available in all Modern Web Browsers, including Mobile Devices such as Tablets and Mobile Phones.

For further details of SBC's Training Management System solution please contact your local SBC office via our Contacts Page.

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